Layout Design 101: Figuring out Flyers

If your business needs flyers printing as part of its marketing strategies you’re going to be looking closely at costs. Considering that you also have to pay someone to design, conceptualise, and make changes, the entire process can easily become quite costly. The good thing is that you can hire a company that can do the entire process for you.

You can learn how to do flyer design yourself but it would be easier to let someone handle it for you. The final decision will still be yours to make though, and you will still have a say in the process. Here are a few quick notes to consider when you check the flyer design you’ve made or if done by a graphic designer.

Be particular about the font

Once you’ve gotten used to using body type fonts such as Calibri, Times New Roman, and Arial, you’ll notice that there are other fonts installed in your computer. Yes, you just don’t use them. Don’t be afraid to give other designs a try if you think they can match your brand and if they are suitable to the concept that you have in mind.

Take notes from effective flyers

There’s a wide variety of flyers out there. Standard designs are either leaflets with one page or two pages printed back to back on a single sheet. Consider how different leaflets play with other types of formats. Some are cut in different shapes and sizes, while some are folded with several pages. Consider that folded leaflet printing takes a different way to layout and design compared to single-sheet flyers. In the sea of identical promotional flyers promoting the same product with the same key words and the same method, it’s your job to weed out the ineffective flyers and take notes from those that look better. See what attracts you to the design and what attracts your target demographic and reconcile the two to make an effective flyer template.

There could be several drafts

Don’t settle for the first design that is presented to you. Take time to look at every detail. From the images to the font, everything has to be perfect. You can also ask someone else from your team to check the flyer design. You can even put it to a vote to involve your employees. The key is to have a clear message delivered and your brand promoted. Get someone who isn’t part of the creation process, so you will get an unbiased perspective.

It takes time to get the design done. You might even have to ask the designer to do it over and over again until you are satisfied. Again, the flyers you put out reflect what your company stands for. Every detail needs to be perfect.