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North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Tied to Network of Rogue States

North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs cannot be viewed as merely the actions of a single rogue state. Many of its programs have signs of foreign financing, its technology is provided by other nations, and it is part of a network of rogue states that are collectively advancing their nuclear weapons capabilities.

The communist regime in North Korea is working closely with Iran, Syria, and Pakistan on their nuclear and chemical weapons programs. Russia and other nations have provided technology to aid their development of nuclear weapons, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has facilitated and supported the overall programs.

“What China has done is create an unholy proliferation cooperation network,” said Richard Fisher, a senior fellow with the International Assessment and Strategy Center. “The Chinese have helped Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea to different degrees.”

The CCP provides different technologies to each nation to assist in their nuclear weapons programs; and North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran will then share this technology—and add their advancements to it—among themselves.

“The Chinese only need to make discreet material contributions, but all three will eventually benefit from it,” Fisher said.