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Trump Secures Gains on North Korea, Trade on Asia Trip

President Donald Trump’s tour of Asia aimed to send a signal through the Asia-Pacific that while the United States was there to support its allies, they had to stop picking its pockets.

He came home with $300 billion in signed deals and an important commitment from Chinese regime leader Xi Jinping to help denuclearize North Korea.

But beyond those immediate wins, Trump has outlined his vision for a new U.S.Asia era and has begun developing the relationships he needs to make that possible.

“A relationship based on respect is much more important than anything else, including friendship. Because—this is really something—they have to respect our country,” Trump told a reporter on the flight back to Hawaii on Nov. 14.

“And they have not respected our country for a long period of time.”

The Reset

During Trump’s trip, his often blunt public statements took aim at unfair trade practices, but they also laid out a vision of what he hopes the U.S.–Asia relationships can look like.

Beyond reassuring allies that the United States was committed to the region, and warning Asian nations that the United States would become more assertive about its interests, Trump also positioned the country as a partner that respects the dignity of the nation-state.